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PHP Development
The demand of PHP development has increased exponentially over the last few years as it is still open source technology and now days any kind of commercial applications can be developed in PHP. Earlier there were security threats but now PHP has brought in a secure development model with in-built testing tools and secure development practices.

Healthcare is one of the major domains where major development was performed in Microsoft technology,but now days PHP based healthcare applications are also being developed.

PHP Development Services at DevCircle:
Since beginning, PHP has introduced many frameworks based on MVC and with introduction of latest development approaches, DevCircle has adopted AGILE development methodology with TDD (test driven development) and API centric development approaches. Every software that we develop at DevCircle is in form of a web service and our development & QA team writes manual as well as automated PHP unit test cases to test each modules of the application for optimal and flawless functioning.

All latest commercial web applications that we have developed at DevCircle follow the same approaches as mentioned above. This helps us in delivering cost effective, secure, fast and highly optimized web applications.

Use Of Model View Controller (MVC)
At DevCircle, our in-house experts make an efficient use of model view controller (MVC). This software architecture has an enough proficiency to create impressive as well as expressive web applications. The most wonderful thing about MVC is that it allows us to use re-usable code components to assist our new customers in obtaining cost effective business solutions.

Being one of the leading PHP development companies in India, we have delivered the following diverse software solutions to our global customers – sales CRM, business automation, SAAS based ERP portals, clinical research and study trial assessment portals, dating applications, social media aggregation and analytical portals etc.

We are working in Laravel 5.2, YII 2.0 Cake PHP 3.0 and ZF 2 custom open source MVC frameworks. For front end UI development, we are using Angular JS, Knockout JS, Express JS, Bootstrap, Tojo, React JS, meteor JS, VVE JS etc.

We have expert MySQL and Oracle DBAs in our team who closely work with our development teams to help them develop an optimized and world class application.

Web servers we are using to deploy our PHP applications are Nginx and Apache.

Why Choose Us
If you need a software business consultant and long term technology partner that offers cost effective and market competitive business solutions with pre development stage requirement analysis, market competitors analysis, an interactive development process and post development support with ongoing maintenance and SEO services, then our team of experts is here to assist you.

We promise to deliver high level customer service at your door. Contact us and hire our developers to leverage our PHP development services and get yourself stand away from the crowd as a bright star…