Web Design

What is Web Design?

Technically, web designing involves website architecture, user interface, colors, contrast, fonts, imaginary as well as iconic designs. In other words, you can say website designing is planning, creation and updating webpages of a website.

Some Essential Elements of a Web Design:

1. Space
Space is considered to be one of the most important element when designing a website. It exhibits everything from design to content. It helps in designing focal point for the users. It is like an image or a piece of text is surrounded by white space that will make it to appear larger in the design. It is also important to note that space is not always white, it could be a background color or a texture.

2. Smooth Navigation
The best the navigation of a site is, the more chances you grab the traffic. Web pages need to be design in a way that it should be easily accessible. Navigation includes some tools that makes navigation through a site easy. Sites with parallax scrolling makes site more user friendly.

3. About Us
It is a necessity for small brands or companies to tell their audience who they are, though least important for large organizations that holds a household names, but it is common and necessary. The “About Us” page outlines a company goals, targets or what it has done for what it is today. The main problem that most of the sites face regarding about us page is its length and word limit. So, keep it simple just to give a brief information about yourself, not a detailed and boring one.

4. Contact Us
Now-a-days, contact us information appears in two ways – either in the header section/main navigation or Contact Us page with an expanded form. Both the options work well and it depends on the website design.

5. Call To Action
Call To Action – a way to increase revenue sales and generate traffic towards your online business. It should be kept in mind that it must make a strong impact. For this, it is important to know the basic theme of your website only then you can design the obvious action and lead the users towards it. Also, some techniques like color, contrast would be an added advantage.


  • Virtual Shops and E-Commerce
  • Online Catalogues
  • Logo Design
  • Banners
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures

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