Quality Assurance Services

Do you know when business models or market trends change, then the applications that support them urges to be developed as soon as it can be, software quality testing is probably the first one to be chopped off from the budget in spite of the fact that the software flaws will have a direct and negative impact on its marketing. It is concluded that a software defect found post production costs much more than the defect found during its design stage. Quality Assurance serves as the finger-on-the-pulse on the entire software development life cycle.

Like all DevCircle services, our Quality Assurance service is flexible too. We follow a simple rule: to inculcate our best practices throughout our client’s software development process.

Our professionals provide an entire process of testing services of business applications for desktop, smartphones, tabs and we adhere to various testing techniques to meet your demands. We have a team that will keep you updated during the product development process. We plan tests on numerous carriers to figure out the app’s compatibility in their computing world.

Internet Of Things (IoT) Software Solutions
We conduct tests on your software and apps to make it work flawlessly from the beginning. Our team has an experience to test in the new world of connected and wearable devices.

Retail Software Testing
The retail industry is leading in the business world and due to heavy competition, it faces changes on regular basis. To make your business successful, DevCircle delivers assurance testing that wraps enterprise management, warehouse management, E-commerce and online store solutions.

Media & Entertainment Software Testing
In the world, where media is the ruling the entertainment industry, never take risks in ensuring your audio and video apps to work intact. Trim lag time and optimize playback to make it work smoothly for all devices and platforms.