Graphics Design

Graphic, UI/UX Development Services

As fabrics are to cloths, paint is to walls, so as, graphics are to websites.

Something that looks god, definitely attracts viewer towards it. Further, if it is easy to use, it sells!

Graphics are always considered to be the first appearance of any web application. We, at DevCircle adopt a detailed process of designing graphical user interface of any web application and we keep in mind the following factors while designing the GUI and UI –

  • Studying business line of the application
  • Performing competitor’s site analysis
  • Surveying needs, demands and flavors of the target audiences
  • Demographics of target audience
  • Timeline & budget of the application
  • Need of supportive branding and marketing materials to be designed for the main business application
  • Sending a brief design questionnaire to the clients to take their preferences about look n feel of their applications
  • Apart from the above steps, information sensitivity of the applications also play an important role in determining the GUI and UI aspect of that application.
  • There are numerous options available due to huge competition and people always trust those companies that seems to be well identified for their work and experience. We have a team of in-house experts who have experience of several years in designing industry. They have ability to create innovative brand designs customers can trust and experience. Our skilled professionals have built and maintained a legacy web design and development, graphic design, UI/UX design. We have a team of skilled designers proficient in Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop alongside passionate designers who specialize in user interface designs for mobiles, tablets, desktops across the global markets.